Virtual Routes Into STEM Course

Virtual Routes Into STEM Course
Our Price:  £60.00(VAT Free)



As you may already be aware, organisations are charged when consumers use credit cards to pay for purchases.  Even though we are a charity, these rules do still apply.  The charge for debit cards is much cheaper.  So, could we please ask that if you are intending to pay for your course using a credit card that, you consider using a debit card if possible?  If this isn’t possible, we have added an option when making your payment, for you to add a voluntary contribution to help us to cover the cost of the credit card charge.  By helping in this way, we can make more funds available for our frontline services to support young people.

We are a charity and do not receive any government funding so your help with lowering these costs would be greatly appreciated

If you wish to make a personal donation to support EDT’s mission to help disadvantaged and under-represented young people build STEM and employability skills, you can contribute towards a place on a course for another young person who wouldn’t be able to take part otherwise   If you are able to support our charity in this way, then we thank you in advance.